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Click here for a streaming MP3 of Rogue Rail Odyssey.

This is just a recording of a synthesizer generated by the Sibelius music notation program. Some of the balance is not quite right in it yet, but it sounds pretty close to what I intended. Sonicaly it is very limited, and it certainly is not alive!

I am providing it for you as a reference; to give you a little better idea of my intentions. Think of it the way you would a 3-D model of a new building about to be constructed.

Thank you for all your hard work. I truly appreciate it!

Welcome to web my page, YSSO Musicians! I am very happy to have the opportunity to wrtie for you! You all sound great and I am looking forward to the premiere of the piece.

- Mark

Questions? Comments? Write me an email!

Below is a time-graph sketch I made while composing the piece.

The Greek letter "phi" represents the reciprocal of the golden section (1/1.618= 0.618!) which occurs at the return of the "Steam Train" material in the piece. I think of this as the structural climax of the piece. Click here for a Wikipedia article about the Golden Section