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Compositions by Mark Eliot Jacobs

Las Ranas de Katanchel

Tone Poem composed 2010. Performed by the Rogue Valley Symphony, Martin Majkut, director.
November 7, 2010, Grants Pass, Oregon.

Trio in three movements for alto flute, viola, and guitar
Composed 2009. Performed by Debra Harris, alto flute, Patricia Berlet, viola, and David Rogers, guitar, February 2010.
I. Ogygia, island of Calypso

II. Ischia, island of Circe

III. Ithaca, island of Penelope

Amor Schall

Single movement work for Horn and piano composed 2009. Gleb Karpushkin, horn

There was a time

A song for mezzo soprano and guitar. Text adapted from Wordsworth.
Composed 2009. Performed February 2010 by Jocelyn Olson, mezzo soprano, and David Rogers, guitar

Cinema Chimera
audio coming soon!
temporary audio
Saxophone Quartet in 4 movements composed 2005
Chicago Scenes
Brass quintet in five movements
Composed 1987 - 2005. Performed by the Southern Oregon University Faculty Brass Quintet November 12, 2005.
I. Sheridan Beach.

II. Haymarket Square.

III. Eastlake Terrace.

IV. Grant Park, 1968.

V. Midway Plaisance: 1893 World's Fair.

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